I think everyone has a “ ONLY ONE ”.

It may be the world record as an athlete or
greatest achiever as a corporate warrior in some field
or the most delicious bakery in the area.

My “ ONLY ONE “ is that
I have been living and working in Lagos, Nigeria for 20 years.

There is no such Japanese in the world but only me for now…
This is the fact that less than 100 Japanese living in Nigeria
for past 20 years…

The exiting Big city, Lagos in Nigeria!!
Very lively and unique that indescribable!!

Current world’s population is about 7.7 billion (2019)
Africa is about 1 billion (2019)
The population of Nigeria is about 200 million (2019)
1 in 8 people on this planet is African
1 out of 5 Africans are Nigerian!!
How powerful that is!!


In 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populated country in the world.

Nigerian GDP has been in the top ten in Africa since 1990,
It is said that 60% of Sub-Saharan African market economy is supported
by the Nigerian purchasing power!
Definitely One cannot ignore this dynamic power of Nigerian Economy
when you are looking at the African market.

However, the statistical data on Nigerian market has a lot of variation and there are many parts that can be more encouraged and supported
based on actual situation in Nigeria which outside country people don’t have an idea most of times.

We wish to support your passion on your business with the greatest cooperation from the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria, JETRO.

Our motto is to create “win-win relationship “
between Nigerian and Japanese entities and corporations enable both parties to enjoy the long-term trust on essential business.
We wish to work with you in great passion!

Welcome to great market in Nigeria!!